Claio is a cozy Greek influenced restaurant centered around the rotisserie dreamt up by Aubrey and Tyler O’Laskey of Perenn Bakery.

Claio is open for lunch 11am-3pm and dinner 5pm-8:30pm Thursday-Monday. To make a reservation, click here.

Claio offers a full casual takeaway menu Thursday-Monday 11am-8:30pm.

Our Mission

Claio Rotisserie's mission is to provide a gathering place that intentionally empowers education, care, and sustainability through the sharing of thoughtfully crafted food.


Knowledge is power. The opportunity for growth, gaining new skills, and improving on the ones we already have is important to us. Providing resources for continued learning and time for exploration is a value we work to uphold within our business and to share with others too.


At the heart of everything, we strive to create a safe space that promotes transparency and trust. With our diverse group of team members, we are mindful of what makes each of us unique. Through care and compassion, we nurture individuality which leads to thoughtful teamwork and in turn adds value to what we make and the work we do.


We are in a position to lead by example. It is our responsibility to take care of the world around us with conscious consideration of our resources and waste. Providing fair compensation for our staff and setting a better standard for creating equitable economies is necessary to grow a better world to live and work in.

Our People

Hospitality is a feeling. It is the feeling of being taken care of.

We strive to make a long-lasting impression on every patron that dines at our restaurants with an overarching responsibility to offer genuine hospitality. We cannot do this without our team members.

Every team member is instrumental in our success. Claio aims to provide an environment where our team members' hard work truly makes a difference and helps us in our pursuit of unsurpassed quality.

Keeping with our mission, and joining the philosophy of other restaurant groups, we incorporate an equitable compensation fee within all of our pricing to ensure fairness and equal treatment of our team members.

We are able to offer our team members a livable wage as well as cover the cost of benefits for our full-time team members with the inclusion of these service fees.

The option to add gratuity is purely up to our guests. Tips are not expected, but appreciated.

Claio is proud to join in on these efforts to change the world of hospitality.